Traditional Country & Songwriting ... with that Steven James flair!


Steven James is pure fun to watch.   Steven James' unique and original country/soul style shatters the mold by incorporating baritone and falsetto vocals into creative and  catchy love songs, while holding true to old-fashioned values. Taking his brand new sound from his college dorm room to any stage that will have him, he has since continued to play in places such as Nashville, Texas, Georgia, Florida and the Carolinas.

"Steven is the best ever totally awesome. Fantastic show!" -Cheryl 

"Steven is awesome. Such a great show!,,,, we love you!!" - Hazel 

"Steven, the greatest thing in that place was you !!!!"- Randi 

"Steven James!!! He does some covers and extremely well, too, but his original songs are OUTSTANDING!! This young star is going to make a splash on the National stage soon!!!"- Annie

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'Set On Fire' (Steven James)

'Drink In My Hand' (E. Church)

'Way Too Cute' (Steven James)

'I Can Take It From There' (C.Young)